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Luboš Fišer ‎– Morgiana / Liska - The Cremator (Finders Keepers)

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  • Luboš Fišer ‎– Morgiana / Liska - The Cremator (Finders Keepers)

    Missed the boat on the ltd. versions with cool artwork and extra bumpf - don't suppose anyone has any spares they don't need?
    Particularly the Morgiana one which looked fantastic.

    While I'm here, anyone know what's the deal with the digital downloads? Bought a nice stack of recent Finders Keeper's stuff but can't seem to redeem the codes I received.



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    Were there limited versions of those releases? What was the extra bumpf? Anyway, I had the same problem and e-mailed them but they never bothered to reply. I did however find the download links after lots of searching:

    Log on to your account over at the FK website, then click the order number. The download link is in a small font underneath the artist / title. It looks like this: 73tf-fgz3 (this last bit being the download code).

    Hope this will help.


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      Yes, there were some ltd. versions that came and went in the space of a day. Different artwork, poster, and a couple of postcards I think. The Morgiana one looked especially lovely, it used the original Polish poster design, which I've been trying to get hold of on ebay for some time.

      I don't seem to have an actual account with FK but received bandcamp links like the ones above by email which don't work. I've emailed FK twice and sent Doug a message on facebook, but no joy. The £70 order took about two weeks to arrive, I can't exactly say I'm impressed.

      Thanks for your help though.