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Coisas LP Moacir Santos reissue Polysom

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  • Coisas LP Moacir Santos reissue Polysom

    Is anyone else having difficulties to buy this in Europe? I'm happy to trade.

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    Hi how your country move going ?

    I cant find anywhere in europe thats selling it , cheapest I could find , cheaper than f*bay, is here


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      Hi! All good thank you. Actually moved from Sicily back to Portugal (bringing the lady here instead). Exciting times, fingers crossed Ill be working for a concert promotion and agency company that brings artists here and also takes artists on tour in Brazil.

      I managed to make a few trades with brazillian collectors. If I do get a second copy Ill let you know if you're interested?

      This is on my top instrumental Brazilian Lps, after Coisas only Brazillian Dorian Dream LP and Sexteto do Beco..

      What are you hearing at the moment thats been great?