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After some KPM big hitters. Tons of library to trade (inc. NM 'The Big Beat' original).

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  • After some KPM big hitters. Tons of library to trade (inc. NM 'The Big Beat' original).

    I am looking for any of these on KPM- there are some rare ones in here but I have a NM 'The Big Beat' (vinyl looks and sounds unplayed, cover has slight creasing), loads more KPM Green and Brown), Impress, Programme, Josef Weinberger, Themes International (none of the top ones), Boosey & Hawkes, Bruton, De Wolfe (inc. Bite Hard), Rouge, Sound Stage, Atmosphere, Peer International, Southern, Sonoton, etc:
    KPM 1025 It's About Time
    KPM 1031 Music Of The Nations Vol 2 - Arabic/Asian/Oriental
    KPM 1032 Jazz Orchestral
    KPM 1046 Sounds In Percussion
    KPM 1049 Chorus And Orchestra
    KPM 1053 Native Africa
    KPM 1063 Contemporary Colour
    KPM 1067 The Big Beat - Volume 2
    KPM 1070 Bugaloo In Brazil
    KPM 1080 Flute For Moderns
    KPM 1084 Mediterranean Intrigue/ Martenot
    KPM 1085 Electronic Music
    KPM 1090 Bass And Percussion - Volume 3
    KPM 1091 Vibraphone Jazz Quartet
    KPM 1094 Accent On Percussion/ Construction In Jazz
    KPM 1095 Theme Suites- Mustang
    KPM 1099 Open Air Vol 2
    KPM 1111 Brass Plus Moog
    KPM 1120 Daybreak
    KPM 1121 Fusion
    KPM 1128 Counterpoint In Rhythm
    KPM 1130 Afro Rock
    KPM 1134 Childhood
    KPM 1137 Great Expectations
    KPM 1154 Electrosound (Volume 2)
    KPM 1157 The Hunter (Drama Suite)/ Adventure Story
    KPM 1174 Amusement
    KPM 1177 Hot Wax
    KPM 1189 Distinctive Themes/ Race to Achievement
    KPM 1192 The Road Forward

    I need to compile a proper list but if anyone has any of the above they are willing to trade and have some idea of what you want for it let me know. I envisage swapping a number of my lesser collectable releases for one of the above in most cases.
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