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    the one that's got "Fantaziya" on it, but they're all in Cyrillic, so I've got no idea which one is the right one to buy. maybe there's something on each of them, who can tell me/ sort me out?

    Trades waiting. sort of. if you like jazz.

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    Its called Dushunce , this one , absolutely stunning album


    Aman Ovçu
    “Bayati Şiraz”
    Ay Pəri
    Qizil Üzük


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      so i've got two tracks from it, but want vinyl, anyone able to help?

      gogo? priima? hayes? santa?


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        Its not on discogs , believe its only obtainable on cd , can do you an mpthree recording of the whole thing if you want


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          Sorry, Vagif's a bit of a blind spot for me - I've been meaning to ask for tips for a long time. I've not heard the track you're after and I'm fairly sure it's not on the comp's I have where he makes an appearance. If I find out where it is though I'll let you know.


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            Фантазия / Вагиф Мустафа заде




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              I stand corrected then , obviously Dushunce is only on cd as I see Fantasy or Fantaziya is on both of them Фантазия

              I know a's are a's in cyrillic lol


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                I love this place.

                thanks all.

                any views on the rest of Mustafa-Zadeh's catalogue?


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                  Can try to find:
                  The rest - allmost impossible


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                    Originally posted by gogo View Post
                    Can try to find:
                    The rest - allmost impossible
                    Or you could listen to my Xmas Mix from a couple of years ago!
                    Seriously both Tallin 67 LPs are worth tracking down
                    "Record collecting is no mere hobby, no innocuous leisurely diversion. It is a feverish passion bordering on dementia, driving those under the influence to irrational, compulsive, fanatical extremes."

                    Night of the Living Vinyl


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                        I traded two of my Vagif records on this board, they were nice and yes, it will take long time before I see these again, but trade was good. Neither of them had Fantasija track though. I'm left with second LP of 1979 album and I can't say it's very interesting,

                        I have 7" by his Кавказ trio, it's good one.


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                          Balls, just wrote a lengthier reply and lost it, so excuse the brevity...

                          That 7" has never opened up for me, a bit too straight too high expectations, i guess. Would like to check the 10" though.

                          His track on the Tbillisi comp is decent, if my memory doesn't deceive me. And after a quick check there seems to be a nm (sleeve's g) copy on discogs for a tenner + postage!? Someone snap that up straight away, please! I've put two tracks on vg+ cds before, + there's the Mustafa-Zadeh track (- Recollections of Tbillisi), + a Deodato cover. What more do you want?

                          I need to update flash so I can trawl youtube and check out Reza's tip. His lps have always been a bit too pricey for me to take a blind punt (€20-40ish). Seem to remember there's a nice youtube clip of him playing at the afore mentioned festival too, with material not on the lp. Now someone go and buy that lp!


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                            Originally posted by Hayes View Post
                            That 7" has never opened up for me, a bit too straight too high expectations, i guess. Would like to check the 10" though.
                            well, that's true... i was disappointed too (not because i found it from flea market), had higher expectations. though now listening to it i think his original composition is good for one melodija jazz 7"


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                              Originally posted by gogo View Post
                              arrived today!

                              no "fantaziya"!

                              well, there's a track on it that appears toi be called "ФАНТАЗИЪА" which translates as "Fantaziya" but it's not:


                              the album that arrived is decent enough, mostly solo piano with a teeny bit of wordless vocal and errs the right side of over-lyrical, marginal keeper at this stage. other than the mystery CD, any other ideas where the other tune/ version of Fantaziya? or "Gelmedi"?