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    Originally posted by Col Wolfe

    If you ain't bothered about the real mccoy, a jap cd came out last year:


    SFA like it (unsurprisingly):

    CHRIS BRITTON - 'As I Am' (Page One POLS 022) Rel.: 12/69.
    A super rarity. "Nor very memorable" are the bleak words used in the 'Tapestry of Delights' to curtly evict an album, which, doubtless, the author(s) had never even seen, let alone ever heard. Sadly (as we've said before in SFA, are we labouring the point???), such negative opinionatae become common currency when quoted often enough. You mention this album to people who've not heard it and you'll get the rejoinder "Yeah, but it's meant to be crap"... In fact, the album is pretty bloody good, but sufficiently different from most other works of the period to have aroused suspicion and disdain.
    Chris Britton himself, described the LP, in the sleevenote, as "an ego trip", but mercifully it is never self obsessed, bloated, contrived or maniacal. It is fascinating, it is a fascinating colection of a dozen self-penned songs (plus one cover version), but as with most "ego trips", it was ignored by the record buying public. A public not sufficiently curious to investigate the undoubted talents of the Troggs' guitarist - despite the sleeve's hype: "Chris Britton of The Troggs". But then the public weren't interested in solo releases by Reg Presley or Ronnie Bond.
    The LP opens with 'Sit Down Beside Me' a great track now finally getting some exposure (it's been recently comped on 'Victoria Phantasia'). 'Will It Last' is harpsichord popsyke, very English indeed.
    Next up is 'That Was The Time', a Kinks-ish acoustic ballad. The vocal performance is very Ray Davies-like (albeit flatter and with a touch of a laconic Noel Harrison). 'No Sense In Fighting', the only really duff track on this LP, is a bluesy Dylanesque bore.
    'Maybe Time Will Change Me' is again, like the late 60s Kinks: nice ballad pop.
    One of the highlights of 'As I Am' is 'Fly With Me', which is somewhere in the region between Icarus and Don Fardon. Psych lyrics --

    Let the music hypnotise
    Explore the underlying rise
    And fall with me

    Fly to the moon above
    Fly on the wings of love
    It's free

    Dance through the mountain streams
    See just how wild your dreams can be...

    -- which are delivered in the very best & feyest UK manner, sit atop a very classy funky pop groover, augmented with some swirly sitaresque guitar breaks. Very very nice.
    'If You Really Care' is a Kaleidoscope-like (think 'A Lesson Perhaps') folky acoustic piece, with a mildly trippy vibe. 'Run And Hide' is pretty good: Tourquise style pop, let down only by a flat lead vocal. 'How Do You Say Goodbye (NOT the Black & Blue track) is sparkling strings pop a la Honeybus, and would
    appeal to many I'm sure. 'Sleep My Love' is another harpsichord-lead ballad.
    'Why Did I let You Go' is gentle, soulful and again acoustic.
    The version of 'Evil Woman' herein, is probably one of the most extraordinary. Featuring jazzy sax, fuzz and brass, it really is a splendid track.
    The pensive closer, 'Learn How To Love Life And You'll Be Living' is a hippie ballad, somewhat tainted by a country-blues influence, which features tweet tweet bird song sound effects.
    'As I Am' is a lovely LP. A veritable pop feast (Be warned: If you are after Pink Fairies-style guitar freak outs then furgedaboudit!), which would appeal especially to those who dig the softer 'Spinning Wheel'-type pop sounds.
    Now, if you can only find (afford???) a copy...

    sit down beside me is a killer track as is fly with me. these are what i'm after and i needs da plastic. if you can help then i love you een more if not then keep reachin for the stars colin coz ur uncle sargio luvs ya.


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  • mik
    what's up with it? Got a great funky psych track on it but books quite expensive

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    Originally posted by Col Wolfe
    kin'ell, 20 odd months ago you were criticising my sandalage and now you're hunting out Britton solo LPs?!?!?!?

    I traded mine off a while ago but I know the guy who has it now - will see if he wants rid
    do so immediately you half shoe half man type.
    do you see me wearin' sandals?................Studded DM's mate............studs on the inside is what i'm sayin' you freakin flower presser.

    luv ya.

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    Originally posted by Col Wolfe
    It's a rum'un...sure you want it?
    yes thank you please.

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    started a topic Chris Britton As I am

    Chris Britton As I am

    Still can't nail this, can anybody help me?
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